Where We Work

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We currently work in these counties, but are willing to travel elsewhere, depending on the project.

The Lake Country Ecoregion

We work in all sorts of environments, located all over the The Lake Country ecoregion, as determined by the EPA. The Lake Country spans over northeast Indiana, parts of northwest Ohio, and south central and southwest Michigan. According to the EPA:

“The Lake Country ecoregion is a hummocky and pitted morainal area characterized by many pothole lakes, ponds, marshes, bogs, and clear streams. The well-drained end moraines and kames once supported oak-hickory forests whereas wetter areas had beech forests or northern swamp forests; the very poorly-drained kettles had tamarack swamp, cattail-bulrush marshes, or sphagnum bogs. Today, marshes and woodland remain but corn, soybean, and livestock farming is dominant; recreational and residential developments commonly surround the lakes of Ecoregion 56a.” (epa.gov)

The Lost Landscapes of Lake Country

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