Land Trust

La Tierra Sanctuary

La Tierra is a 38 acre piece of property located near the Michigan/Indiana line on Cope Rd/1000 E just off of SR 120. La Tierra was the first property purchased by Blue Heron Ministries, bought back in 2003, and has been open to the public since 2004. The hilly property is mostly wooded, with a string of wetlands that run through it. Marked trails are maintained to allow the public to enjoy the property. La Tierra is open to the public from dawn until dusk Tuesday through Saturday. It is closed during deer hunting season.

Badger Barrens

Badger Barrens is a 13 acre property located near Mirror Lake on Ln 100 Lake Anne in Fremont, Indiana. This property is best known for its breathtaking display of wild lupine in late May. Blue Heron Ministries is in the process of restoring this habitat back to its native black oak barrens ecosystem. A path is maintained through the preserve so that the public and walk through the habitat restoration project in progress. It is open everyday from dawn until dusk.

Tamarack Lake

Tamarack Lake Nature Preserve is an 80 acre property on the southwest shore of Tamarack Lake, one of the few remaining undeveloped lakes in Steuben County. The preserve contains a wetland that is part of a larger wetland complex as well as high quality examples of prairie fen, sedge meadow, and shrub-carr wetland. Tamarack Lake Nature Preserve in not open to the public.

Feick Family Nature Preserve

Feick Family Nature Preserve is a 4.5 acre wetland containing sedge meadow and shrub-carr plant communities. The preserve is located just off the shore of Lake James on Bay View Road in Angola. This property is not open to the public.

2 thoughts on “Land Trust

    1. There is a grass parking area on the north side of Ln 100 Lake Anne (just off of N 925 E), where you’ll see yellow Blue Heron Ministries Sanctuary Boundary signs. Hope this helps!


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