Upcoming Opportunities

Prairie Planting Party

Prairie planting parties are great opportunities for volunteers to sow some of the seed they have collected! Volunteers select bags of seed to throw into a tub, where the seed is mixed and divvied up amongst everyone who is present. Everyone then lines up side-by-side and walks the site in unison, scattering handfuls of seed along the way. Once all the seed is spread, everyone is invited to stomp it into the ground to ensure that the seed makes its way into the soil. Afterwards, we adjourn for refreshments and conversation—carrying the anticipation that the seeds we’ve sown will germinate come springtime.

This year, we’ll seed a prairie of our own, an addition to Badger Barrens. You have the opportunity to participate in this part the restoration process, as we scatter the seeds we’ve collected at this new site.

We will meet at 1PM, on December 3rd, at the Presbyterian Chapel of the Lakes (2955 W. Orland Rd) and travel to the prairie location.

If you are interested in helping or would like more information, please contact Nate Simons at stuartbheron1@hotmail.com .

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