The Cool Season by Benjamin Aberle

Lakes Country witnessed an early warm-up this year, followed by a miserable April gloom. These fickle early Spring days have revealed a landscape that clashes. Green pastures and brown prairies. Bush honeysuckle buds break while trees wait. Showy ornamentals decorated our Easter gatherings while everything else, well, looked dead. Its like nobody is putting on their shoes at the same time. When is it really time to go? I do know the difference between the cool season and the warm season. But clearly our cool season is dominated by species that were introduced here to shake off winter’s shackles as soon as possible. Pasture grasses provided early feed and… well, who wouldn’t want large, beautiful, early-blooming flowers anyway?


Perhaps we could learn lessons from the plants that evolved here. Plants that were created for this place. That, dare I say, know better. I can;t help but wonder what a native cool season might have looked like. When hardwoods waited for the right moment and burst forth with unity. When tiny spring ephemerals were the ornamentals. When fires blackened the fields.


In my work as a steward of creation I often wonder about what belongs in the kingdom of Go. Will the new earth be an integrated land where the living creatures are more synchronized? Or will there still be lawns, fence rows, and pastures too? What about invasive species? Will there still be seasons? Ultimately, I am thankful for a promise of a mysterious new home where the Lord’s glory will bring peace to a land no longer in conflict with itself.



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