Join Us This Friday!

Wetland and Fen Exploration – June 17 at 1PM

Join the Lakes Country Cluster of The Stewardship Network for a wetlands field trip on Friday afternoon, June 17 starting at 1 PM at the Marsh Lake Public Access Site.

Have you heard about the insects that are controlling purple loosestrife in many wetlands? You may already have them in your neighborhood. This will be a chance to see what they look like, as well as what their feeding damage looks like. We should be able to see adults, eggs and larvae of the purple loosestrife leaf eating beetle, Galerucella. We should also be able to see the flower feeding weevil, Nanophyes. Once you see the bio-control insects at Marsh Lake you should be able to recognize them in other purple loosestrife patches.

The Marsh Lake Public Access Site is on the north side of Feather Valley Road, east of I-69.

From Marsh Lake we will cross the road to Trine State Recreation Area. There we will see a wetland restoration that helps filter runoff from I-69. Wetland restorations can be a success, if carefully designed and maintained.

We will also explore the fens surrounding Gentian Lake. Fens are an unusual wetland type that is fed by flowing groundwater. We will see the results of steps that have been taken to restore and manage the fen wetlands. Past management includes burning, mowing, and the removal of large trees that had grown to shade the fen.

Wear rubber boots, or shoes you do not mind getting very muddy are recommended. Shorts are not recommended.

Do you have questions about the Lakes Country Cluster or this event? If so, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact Lakes Country Cluster Coordinator Beth Williams at today!

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