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Lake Winter Wandering by Beth Williams

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tapping a tree

It doesn’t take much to entertain my sons. So when I told them that we were going to hike at LaTierra with Nate, their response was “cool.” They’re generally up for a challenge and like to soak up new information, and this hike with Nate didn’t disappoint.


A crisp Saturday afternoon in the woods is a great way to explore the world around them and burn off a little pent-up energy. It;s always fun to learn something new.


On this particular day, they discovered how to tap a Sugar Maple by hand, even though it took a few tries; how to “ride a tree” (climb a sapling until it bends, and then ride it down); what owl pellets look like and that owls can’t digest the bones of what they’ve eaten; but their favorite part is likely at the end, when they get to talk about it all over hot chocolate and brownies.

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