Help Spread the Lupines! – from Nate Simons

Last month, Bridget Harrison, director of Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy, called to inform me of a wonderful opportunity for Blue Heron Ministries. It seems that word has spread that we are in the process of acquiring 24 acres of land adjacent to and west of our Badger Barrens Sanctuary.

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Badger Barrens Sanctuary, located northeast of Clear Lake (Fremont, IN) features a sand prairie restoration with abundant wild blue lupine. Additions to the sanctuary include lots on the shore of Mirror Lake that are home to an open, oak woodland replete with Indiana’s largest population of the State-endangered pale vetchling peavine. A conservation easement of property to the south links another lake, Lake Anne. The Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy recently purchased land to the west of the 24-acre acquisition project. So, when this phase of the project is completed nearly 60 acres of land rich in biological diversity and natural beauty will be preserved and restored for the enjoyment of area hikers and for the benefit of myriad native plants and animals.

Late in 2018 we received a promise from the President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust Fund to partner with us to assist with the acquisition in the amount of $60,000. That means that we need to raise the remaining $60,000 to complete the $120,000 purchase.

Back to the telephone conversation. An anonymous donor and friend of both organizations proposed an offer to us…a challenge match. If Blue Heron Ministries would raise $20,000 toward the cost of acquisition of the 24-acre addition, the donor would match the amount. What good news! What generosity! What an opportunity!

Please help us raise funds to meet the match. No deadline has been specified by the donor, but closing on the 24-acre property will likely occur in July. A one-time gift to Blue Heron Ministries will be accepted with appreciation. Another option is to send installments in the form of a monthly pledge. Both types of gifts are tax exempt donations that would be followed by an acknowledgment letter.

Please send contributions to Blue Heron Ministries, Inc., 2955 W. Orland Rd., Angola, IN 46703. Please note “Badger Barrens addition” in the memo line. Donations can also be made online here.

If you have questions regarding the project or how to assist with acquisition, please call Nate Simons, 260/316-2498. With your help, we will be one step closer to protecting a much desired connecting piece in the picture of cooperation between two area conservation organizations…and help spread the lupines!

Thank you!

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