Badger Barrens Addition Fund-Raising Update

Thanks to an overwhelming host of generous financial supporters, we are very close to meeting our goal to raise $60,000 for the acquisition of the Headacres Farm addition to Badger Barrens. Of the initial $120,000 purchase price, the first half was gifted by Indiana’s President Benjamin Harrison Conservation trust Fund. The remaining half is to be raised through donations from friends of Blue Heron Ministries.

Help spread the lupines!


Thanks to our generous friends we met our challenge match from an anonymous donor from the Clear Lake area! The donor included, we raised or were pledged $40,000 in a matter of a few weeks. We are working on the last $20,000 chunk. As of September 24, $8,760.20 remains to be raised.

Thank you: Mr./Ms. Anonymous, Allison Klement, Terri Gorney, Hannah Olsen, Donna Rayl, Henry Kroodyk, Harve Hathaway, Mary Durand, Bridget Harrison and Dave Drogos, Marilyn Clevneger, Mike Clock, Janel Rogers, Fred Duschl, Rick and Martha Fansler, Aimee and Nate Simons, Melvin and Denille Conklin, Anita Dierkes, Lee and Pat Casebere, Steve Witte, Jim and Bette Thomson, Ken and Dee Wolf, Roger and Mary Hawks, Kate Sanders, Pam Morton, Peg Zeis, Jo Burkhardt, Fred Wooley, The Ralph E. Taylor Conservation Fund (administered by the Steuben County Community Foundation), The Darrel Ray Simons Memorial Fund (administered by the Steuben County Community Foundation), and The Ropchan Foundation.

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