View from the Crew – featuring Emily Schmidt

Blue vervain
Michigan lily
Wild bergamot/Monarda
Mountain mint
Grass pink orchid (note the unusual location of the “lip” at the top rather than the bottom)
Summer intern Cassidy Robinson looks out at Mike Metz Fen (formerly Duff Lake Fen) as John Brittenham recounts BHM’s successful efforts of restoring the former cow pasture to a landscape featuring fen, sedge meadow, wet prairie, upland prairie, and oak woodland communities – July 7, 2020
Dave Drogos (front) and Josh Hall (back) plant native plants at Bill and Judy Greffin’s Clear Lake residence – July 10, 2020
Josh Hall applies herbicide to a dense stand of non-native cattails at IDNR Div. of Nature Preserves’ Marsh Lake Nature Preserve – July 15, 2020
Emily Schmidt and Nate Simons (taking the photo) push the herbicide-coated, two-person wick through a patch of non-native cattails at IDNR Div. of Nate Preserves’ Lime Lake Nature Preserve – July 20, 2020
Cassidy Robinson and John Brittenham use the “glove-of-death” technique to apply herbicide to non-native cattails in a fen at the John Bachelor farm – July 21, 2020
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