“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His faithful love endures forever.” (Psalm 107:1, NLT)

It is Thanksgiving season, and yet giving thanks is to be a daily, even hourly predictable pattern in our lives. So this is a good time to remember our Father’s goodness and remember how folks who have been good to Blue Heron Ministries remind us of our Father’s goodness. I am reminded that when we are generous and show love, we look a whole lot like our Father. When we reflect the image of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we are living into our true identity as sons and daughters of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And here we are vocationally conformed to the image of Christ.

So, thank you to:

  • Allison Klement, Terri Gorney, Hannah Olsen, Donna Rayl, Henry Kroondyk, Harve Hathaway, Mary Durand, Bridget Harrison and Dave Drogos, Marilyn Clevenger, Mike Clock, Janel Rogers, Fred Duschl, Rick and Martha Fansler, Aimee and Nate Simons, Melvin and Denille Conklin, Anita Dierkes, Lee and Pat Casebere, Steve Witte, Jim and Bette Thomson, Ken and Dee Wolf, Roger and Mary Hawks, Kate Sanders, Pam Morton, Peg Zeis, Jo Burkhardt, Fred Wooley, Cheryl Taylor for the Ralph E Taylor Conservation Fund held by the Steuben County Community Foundation, the Ropchan Foundation, and an anonymous donor from Clear Lake for your generous financial gifts to Blue Heron Ministries towards the acquisition of the addition to Badger Barrens…otherwise known as Headacres Farm.
  • Jim and Lynn Simons, Roger and Mary Hawks, Dee and Ken Wolf, Abby and Byron Getz who faithfully support Blue Heron Ministries with regular financial gifts.
  • Linda Austin, Greg Carlson, Barb and Gary Baus, and Lauri Rowe who, out-of-the-blue chose to give financially to the work of Blue Heron Ministries this year.
  • Phil Bieberich, John Brittenham, Josh Hall, Gary Wappelhorst, Fred Wooley, Shelby Holsinger, and Emily Schmidt who have chosen to labor full time with Blue Heron Ministries to bring about the restoration of the natural landscapes of Lakes Country.
  • Peter Bauson, former full time field steward with the Blue Crew, who has moved on to more and greater adventures.
  • Mike Holcomb, Tina Flanigan, Gene Huss, Dave Drogos, and Will Rocky who joined the Blue Crew as needed to help with prescribed fire.
  • Ariana Perez Diener, our intern who cheerfully labored with the Blue Crew this summer.
  • Beth Williams, our administrative assistant who brought new life to our Facebook page and Rustling Grass newsletter and even tried her hand at grant writing.
  • Tom Smith, Peg Zeis, Beth Williams, and Neal Lewis, Board of Advisers who gather occasionally to keep the mission and path of Blue Heron Ministries headed in the right direction.
  • Nathan Shoemaker, my son-in-law who is ready to answer my often stupid computer questions.
  • Kurt Stump, Peg’s neighbor who faithfully kept the trail at Badger Barrens cut.
  • Jim McCulloch, a neighbor of our office who faithfully kept our garage lawn cut.
  • Peg Zeis, Bette Thomson, Emily Brittenham, Kathy Brittenham, Don Luepke and Fred Wooley who met as our first ever committee members to brainstorm and plan future Blue Heron Ministries events.
  • Denille, Olivia, and Alexis Conklin, Mary Durand, Don Luepke, Kate Sanders, Atiyana Ward, Tori and Addison Mumaw, Lynn Simons, Jim and Bette Thomson, Deanna Vazquez, Beth, Marc, Jeremy, Sarah, and Rachel Williams, Peg Zeis, Heath and Luke Hurst and Maraiah Russell, Lorri Stump, Donna Rayl, Ken Holden, and Jeannine Walker, a hearty bunch of volunteer friends who served to steward our Lord’s creation by pulling weeds at Badger Barrens and collecting seed for our prairie planting projects.

Together you all brought a bit of heaven to earth this year. This is kingdom come here and now! while we wait for Jesus’ return to bring heaven and earth together in its completeness.

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