Greenhouse helpers needed!

*Update – Phil is requesting helpers at the greenhouse (8385 E 300 N Howe, IN 46746) this Friday, December 20th at 1PM.

If you have a green thumb or just want to learn more about the process of growing native wildflowers, we would love to have you join us in the greenhouse!

The fun begins in December when we will be sowing seeds that seem to grow best when left out in the elements over the winter. Then near the end of January/February we will be bagging seeds with damp sand for cold/moist stratification and placing them in a refrigerator until planting season arrives. We will begin planting seeds in the greenhouse at the end of March and young seedlings will be transplanted into larger pots starting in April. The final step of the process will be transplanting the new plants into landscape and nursery beds beginning in May.

If any of this sounds like a good way to spend time with friends or you have any questions contact Phillip Bieberich at

Seed storage, dried and ready to be cleaned. BHM barn shelves. 10_29_2019 by Fred Wooley
A portion of the BHM 2019 seed harvest. photo by Fred Wooley
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