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Your Hospitality Requested, Please.

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Blue Heron Ministries has maintained a pretty good reputation as a fine place and good environment in which to spend time as a summer intern. Annually since our summer internship program was initiated in 2011, we have hosted and trained and worked and paid a college student to learn from us the hands-on craft of ecological restoration. This summer we have committed to bring another student on board for the summer experience in Lakes Country.

Cassidy Robinson is a recent Purdue University graduate from Hagerstown, IN. She obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in Forestry and Wildlife and will be joining us June 29 through the end of August.

She has expressed interest in staying in the area rather than endure a daily commute after a hot, sweaty day in the wilds. Over the years several of our Blue Heron Ministries’ family members have generously hosted our summer interns. Could we please carry on the tradition of hospitality? If someone would be willing to open their home to this budding restorationist, please contact Nate Simons via email or phone 260/316-2498. Thanks!

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