Butterfly Count Hosted by LaGrange County Parks Department

From our friends at LaGrange County Parks and Recreation:

I am seeking volunteers individuals, partners, or teams to count in LaGrange County’s first North American Butterfly Association count, on July 25. Similar to a bird count, the volunteer can choose what time of day to count, but 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. is preferred.

In an effort to choose locations that will be accessible in the future, I am focusing on public lands. I am looking for people to count at Pine Knob Park (and the fen), Pigeon River FWA, Fawn River Nature Preserve, and Maple Wood Nature Center. You can walk a trail, or drive along a road. I am open to counting at other public locations I don’t know about if someone has a favorite! I do have a suggested area at Pigeon River.

We’ll use the Pollard Walk paperwork created by the Michigan Butterfly Network with a slight adaptation. Similar to Pollard Walks we want it to be repeatable in the future!

If someone already walks a route at any of these locations, they could double down on July 25!

Volunteers can register by calling me at (260) 463-4022 or emailing at larnold@lagrangecounty.org. I will then get them the paperwork they need and decide on a location. There is normally a $3 NABA fee but this year we are picking up the tab.

Thank you very much,
Leslie A. Arnold
LaGrange County Parks and Recreation

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