April 2022

Blue Herons, We Still Need Your Help!

We have selected an intern for this summer! He is graduating from Taylor University this May and is in need of local housing from June 1st until mid-August (maybe the end of August, depending on our work load at the end of cattail season). Is there anyone in our local community that would be willing provide housing for him this summer?

Please contact us at 260.316.2498

View from the Crew
by Dave Drogos

Penn sedge sending up flowering stalks in my backyard. 3/31/2022
Fire moves past an open grown oak at Cedar Swamp Fish and Wildlife Area. 4/2/2022
Emily and Sarah work on dropping undesirable trees to restore an oak savanna at LaGrange County Park and Recreation’s Duff Memorial Park. 4/2/2022
A picturesque scene on an overcast day deep in Cedar Swamp Fish and Wildlife Area. 4/2/2022
Two lines of fire drawing in on themselves at Cedar Swamp Fish and Wildlife Area. 4/2/2022
A giant praying mantis braves the flames at Fremont Library…while I cower behind a heat reflective barrier, in order to protect a fire-sensitive juneberry tree.  4/11/2022
After yet another burn, the crew pauses to admire a giant open grown swamp white oak on private property in LaGrange County. A tow strap was used to take a crude measurement of the circumference of the trunk at breast height. It came in at 13′ 8″! The behemoth is likely between 200 and 260 years old  4/12/2022
John and Josh get a good laugh in during out morning meeting. Nate and Phil are strictly business. 4/15/2022
Even Emily and Sarah found a way to be amused. 4/20/2022
My little lady, exploring the wonders of the world. 4/20/2022
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